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Shlomo Havlin

 Shlomo Havlin is a Professor in the Physics Department at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. He has carried out fundamental research in applications of statistical physics to areas such as complex networks, infrastructure resilience, geophysics, climate, medicine, biology, and others. Most recently, he has focused on interdependence between infrastructure networks such as the power grid and communications network; and novel methods for understanding traffic congestion in urban settings. Havlin has published over 800 scientific papers and is among the two most cited scientists in Israel with over 100,000 citations and an h-index of 136 (Google Scholar). For his works, he has been awarded the Lilienfeld Prize from the American Physical Society, the Rothschild Prize, the Order of the Star of Italy, and most recently, the Israel Prize for Physics and Chemistry. 

Major Research Interests

• Statistical physics
• Statistical properties of polymers and random walks
• Physics of disordered systems and fractals, optimization
• Percolation, transport in random systems
• Surface growth
• Chemical reactions
• Physiological networks
• Statistical physics of biological and medical systems
• Complex networks
• Interdependent networks
• Cascading failures
• Networks of networks
• Climate networks
• Traffic networks
• Languages and semantic networks
• Epidemic dynamics
• Science of Science

Recent Publications

Professor Havlin’s Publication Network

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